Revenue Cycle Management

Axis Management & Billing Services (Axis MB), a division of Axis HealthCare Partners, is a leading provider of cost-effective coding, billing and collection services for medical providers and ambulatory surgery centers.  By leveraging Axis HealthCare Partners’ industry expertise, our skilled team, and processes, Axis MB enables clients to reduce operating costs, recover revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and increase productivity. 

The Axis MB Difference

  • Revenue cycle specialists are assigned specifically to each account and provide consistent communication with both the patient and the client
  • Accomplished professionals in all areas of revenue cycle management
  • Specialized surgical certified coders
  • In-depth payer knowledge
  • Strong compliance focus
  • Axis HealthCare Partners’ leadership continually monitors billing staff performance through internal audits.





  • Oversee timely coding through experienced coding experts in various specialties
  • Expertise with the latest payor rules, coding standards, and billing guidelines
  • Read and analyzing patient records
  • Determine the correct codes for patient records
  • Using codes to bill insurance providers
  • Interact with physicians and assistants to ensure accuracy
  • Keep track of patient data over multiple visits
  • Manage detailed, specifically-coded information
  • Maintain patient confidentiality and information security


  • Audit all charges before claims are submitted to payers to ensure accuracy
  • Achieve maximum reimbursements while meeting compliance
  • Manage AR days
  • Coordinate communication with the managed care team in order to maximize reimbursement through better contracts


  • Achieve successful appeals outcomes
  • Identify and provide training in areas of risk in the documentation processes.
  • Follow up programs for issue resolution
  • Comply with insurance guidelines, the claims submission process, and procedures
  • Fill out complex insurance claim forms
  • Analyzing Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms to ensure insurance companies have paid for charges
  • Generate accounts receivable reports, clients
  • Follow up with the appropriate parties, e.g., insurance companies and patients, to ensure bills are paid



Revenue Cycle Management

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