Axis Management and Billing Services

We operate in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with employees, customers, and the community. We understand that through collaborations we can achieve sustainable objectives. To this end, we strive to create an environment of mutual respect and encouragement.

What We Do

  • We enable the physician owners to delegate day to day management responsibilities, practice first class healthcare in a friendly environment, and maximize their ROI from their ASC venture.
  • Axis’ ability to work, as a team, with our clients is aimed at achieving optimal patient satisfaction and financial results for the ASC.
  • Axis’ equity participation is another powerful way for us to demonstrate our commitment to the long term success of the ASC by going “at risk”, as a business partner, along with the physician investors
  • Axis serves as a bridge between the medical groups involved. We help to provide guidance and leadership to unite the physicians in a common goal of high quality and revenue enhancement.
  • As a company based in South Florida with strong local personal relationships, Axis provides our customers an ability to mobilize quickly to support our customers’ needs in any way necessary.
  • Using Axis’ expertise, our initial ASC partnership has been able to achieve EBITDA’s doubling the national averages of successful surgery center for the past five years
  • Axis’ experience in negotiating managed care contracts improves the financial performance of ASCs.